Story Time with Printable Pirate Math Activity

There’s just something about summer that makes the idea of pirate adventures even more magical. It must have something to do with the sun, sand, warmth, and visits to the beach. Today I’m sharing some of our favorite pirate themed tales, perfect for story time read-a-louds. Be sure to grab your free printable treasure chests, perfect for some pirate math fun. Stick around to the end of the post, where I’m sharing a round up of all kinds of pirate themed fun for your little buccaneers!

Pirate Math Activity Printable
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Pirate Story Time | Pirate Math Activity | Early Learning | Free Printable | Reading Extension | Pirate Read A Loud | Pirate Fun Round Up | Pirate Picture Books Pirate Story Time | Pirate Math Activity | Early Learning | Free Printable | Reading Extension | Pirate Read A Loud | Pirate Fun Round Up | Pirate Picture Books

pirate story time

Pig Kahuna Pirates!

My family is super into beaches, so we’ve been fans of the beachy pigs in Jennifer Sattler’s ‘Pig Kahuna‘ series for years. Pig Kahuna Pirates! was a perfect find for us. It’s fun and imaginative, with the personality filled illustrations we’ve loved since #thebigone was young.

Pig Kahuna Pirates! Pig Kahuna Pirates!

roger the Jolly Pirate

#thebigone has always enjoyed this fanciful story from Brett Helquist. The tale offers a humorous explanation for the origin of the notorious ‘Jolly Roger’ pirate flag. The text is paired with dynamic textural images, perfect for drawing young readers into the book.

Roger The Jolly Pirate Roger The Jolly Pirate

how I became a pirate

We were lucky enough to see a local children’s theater perform this story several years ago. Seeing How I Became a Pirate brought to life enchanted my family. Written by Melinda Long, the books relays the adventure of young Jeremy Jacob and a group of pirates he encounters one day. David Shannon’s unique illustrative style fills the book with life and whimsy- I’ve mentioned Shannon before, and honestly, I can’t get enough of his illustrations!

How I Became A Pirate How I Became A Pirate

pirates don’t change diapers

Long and Shannon return as the perfect team in Pirates Don’t Change Diapers. The book is a lively sequel to their first, and shares more of  Jeremy Jacob’s thrills with the gang of pirates- this time with a baby sister in tow! We picked this one up for #thebigone before his younger brother arrived, and it gave us a fun opening to talk about some of the changes he anticipated happening once we had welcomed a new baby.

Pirates Don't Change Diapers Pirates Don't Change Diapers

the pirate of Kindergarten

I’m going to be honest- when I first saw the cover of The Pirate of Kindergarten, my mind swirled with childhood memories of Pippi Longstocking, and I knew I wanted to read it with my kids. George Ella Lyon’s book is not a typical pirate tale, but it does present the perfect opportunity for discussing both physical differences and self love with kids. The main character, Ginny, provides an excellent role model for young readers who may feel embarrassed about a need for glasses, an eye patch, etc. Lynne Avril (well known for her work on the young Amelia Bedelia series) conveys Ginny’s self confidence through her colorful artwork.

The Pirate of Kindergarten The Pirate of Kindergarten

count your treasure pirate math

Inspired by the treasure hunting antics of the pirates in our books, I created a fun pirate math printable perfect for early learners. Kids can count the treasure in their pirate chests to reinforce their basic knowledge of numbers 0-5, so it’s ideal for your pirates of kindergarten!

Pirate Math Activity Printable Pirate Math Activity Printable Pirate Math Activity Printable

Grab your free printable sheet below, and use scissors to cut each treasure chest piece out. Laminating is optional, but the pieces will hold up better for repeated use (over time, or for multiple kids in a classroom setting). My son used clothespins to indicate his answers. Marble ‘gems’ would be a fun option to carry the theme through further though. If you have laminated your treasure chests, using dry erase markers in an ‘X marks the spot’ fashion would also be fun, and would erase easily to use again.

Need some more ideas?

Before you grab your free printable pirate math sheet, take a peek at these other ideas that will work perfectly as pirate story time extensions.

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free pirate math printable
Pirate Math Printable


Pirate Math Activity Printable


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