One busy mom's journey finding ways to feel fulfilled, productive, and connected, when stay-at-home-motherhood was never part of the plan. Happily blogging from the intersection where children's literature & design meet.

Somedays, Mommin’ just aint easy…

ate is…

  • a (mostly) vegetarian mama of 3 boys- 2 in my arms (#thebigone & #thelittleone) and 1 in my heart (#myrunawaybunny).
  • a semi-reluctant stay-at-home-mom.
  • a cookbook & Crockpot compulsive who seriously dislikes cooking…  married to a guy who LOVES to eat! (#thechubs)
  • a former fashion designer who adores all things art, style, & design.
  • a lover of the unusual- the quirkier, the better. Vintage? Yes, please! Handmade? Even better!
  • a lifelong learner and enthusiastic reader, hoping to pass these traits along to my littles.
  • homebound… but hopeful.

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