How This Mom Stays Prepared For Cold & Flu Season Every Year


I feel like I haven’t shared a post in ages! If you follow me on Instagram, you already know, sickness hit my family hard this holiday season! Both of the boys are feeling much better- thank goodness! However, my husband and I are still on the mend. When the cooties hit, I was glad I had made sure to stock my home with some sick-day necessities. Read on to learn more about how I stay prepared for cold & flu season every year!

Winter weather is upon, so it's time to be sure you are prepared for cold & flu season! Check out this mama's must-haves! #ad #TakeCareWithKleenex #coldandflu #winterwellness #momlife



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Honestly guys, this is a no-brainer. Especially now with my youngest in daycare, cold & flu season brings so many sniffles and sneezes! Add in our regular seasonal allergies, and you know we’re going through a TON of Kleenex every winter! I always buy ours from Walmart because the prices are so reasonable, and the products are available in bundles. (Face it, you’re gonna need a lot of tissues- just commit to buying in bulk right now!) It’s simple to grab a bundle while I’m out doing our regular shopping in store. Or if I’m stuck home with a sick kid – #momlife, right?! – I can make a quick online order and have them delivered to my doorstep in just 2 days!

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I love the varieties that Kleenex offers as well. The antiviral tissues are perfect when I’m attempting to contain an outbreak, rather than letting sickness spread through the family. Because the tissues help kill cold & flu viruses in the tissues, there’s a chance the second grade plague won’t spread to my toddler! Both of my boys have sensitive skin (more on that later), so the lotion variety is exactly what they need to avoid chapped, red noses! Making sure I always have an assortment of Kleenex tissues on hand means we’re prepared for cold & flu season- and it’s stuffy, sniffly noses!

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I wrote earlier that both of my kiddos (and myself, if I’m being honest) have pretty sensitive skin. Since we live in upstate New York, winter typically brings bitter cold winds outdoors, and dry heat indoors. Combine those factors with lots of nose blowing and your skin really takes a beating. In addition to keeping Kleenex Lotion on hand all winter, we keep a variety of quality face lotions and skin balms in our home. #thebigone is especially susceptible to dry, chapped skin in the winter, so putting on lotion is a part of his morning and nighttime routine.


Lip Balm

This one’s a no brainer! Head and sinus congestion means more mouth breathing, so lips are more prone to chapping. Sticks of lip balm seem to disappear constantly in my home, so I always make sure to have plenty on hand. The boys love the fun scents available now, and love having lips that don’t hurt in the winter.



Sure, it’s totally cliche. But when I’m sick, there’s nothing I love more than a bowl of hot soup. It’s comforting, warming, and immediately helps me feel a bit better. We stock up on cans of favorite soups during our regular Walmart runs, and store them for nights when we need a warm up. Sometimes when I’m lucky, my mama will stock my freezer or fridge with homemade soup- even better! Keeping a supply of soup available is a simple way to be sure you’re prepared for cold & flu season!

winter-sickness-must-haves soup-winter-sickness must-haves-cold-flu-season

Hand Sanitizer

This must-have is crucial for stopping cooties in their tracks! We keep bottles all over the house- each bathroom, by the kitchen sink, in our dining room ‘clean up’ bin, even in our car. I’m careful to always keep a few extra bottles in the hall closet as well, so that we’re totally prepared for cold & flu season when it arrives. Obviously, hand sanitizer isn’t a substitute for regular hand washing, but it’s a quick option that’s great to keep on hand.


What do you stock up on to be prepared for cold & flu season? I’d love to hear your must-haves in the comments below!

Winter weather is upon, so it's time to be sure you are prepared for cold & flu season! Check out this mama's must-haves! #ad #TakeCareWithKleenex #coldandflu #winterwellness #momlife

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