Keeping Track Of What Matters This Christmas


So, I can’t speak for everyone, but let’s take a vote. Who’s feeling the holiday stress? I’m seriously frazzled this time of year! Between the kids’ regular needs, my work commitments, and then everything Christmas thrown on top? Holy cow, it’s enough to make a mama feel super stressed! This year, I’m all about finding ways to keep my stress level a little lower- and that includes using technology to my advantage. Read on to see how I’m keeping track of all the stuff the holidays bring with a helpful little gadget called Tile!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list? Tile can help you get give gifts people will truly love, and reduce your holiday stress by keeping track of everything important to you! #ad #TileIt #TogetherFind #ChristmasGifts #ChristmasShopping


If you haven’t had a chance to check out these little Bluetooth tracking tools yet, you definitely need to! Tile is the simplest way to keep track of all the items you tend to lose. I’ll fess up right now and admit to be a bit of a hot-mess-mama… My keys could be anywhere at any given moment, nevermind my phone or wallet. As long as I have Tile attached, I have a simple, reliable way to track down exactly what I’m hunting for. The best thing about this little gadget is how reasonably they’re priced! They start at under $30, making them such a budget-friendly gift option. And because they’re the perfect gift for SO many people, the multi-pack are great choices- and make the price per Tile even more reasonable!


Managing Mom brain

I’ve written before- the mom-brain-fog is strong in me. So first and foremost, you know I’m attaching a Tile Style to my own key ring. I’m looking forward to mornings when I can simply grab my phone to track down my keys- no more frantic dashing and searching and shouting ‘Where are they?!’ to the boys! I love the gold details on this edition of this Pro Series Tile. The fact that it’s also waterproof, louder, and has a longer range than the traditional model helps too! Keeping track of necessities like these is such a stress reducer for me.

Tile-Style-Keys Tile-Style-Keyring

Keeping Track Of Tools

Growing up, my father was such a handy dad. If something around the house needed updating or repairs, he had it totally under control. My husband isn’t nearly as handy as my dad, but after a few years of marriage, my father has started to rub off on him. Every year at Christmas, my parents pick out some basic tools to gift to my husband, so he has his own to work with as he learns. This year (spoiler alert!) they’re giving him a beautiful tool bag to hold them all. My father has always talked about how expensive his own tools are, and how carefully he keeps track of his bag when he’s out working on projects with friends. I knew the Tile Sport would be the perfect addition to my husband’s new tool bag. Another Pro Series Tile, the Sport is also louder, waterproof, and has a longer range than the original model. Its grey, rugged styling pairs perfectly with my husband’s new tool case!

Tile-Sport Tile-Sport-Track-Tools Tile-Sport-Toolbox Tile-Sport-Tools

#thebigone’s BIG Gift!

Last but certainly not least, I’m pairing a traditional Tile with the gift I can’t wait to see #thebigone open! Over the past 6 months or so, he’s become hugely interested in cameras. He loves any chance to snap photos or take quick videos. We pulled out at an older point & shoot camera we had at home to let him use, but he just can’t keep his hands off my own DSLR camera. He has no idea that my parents have purchased a nicer, newer point and shoot camera for him, and I can’t wait to see how psyched he is on Christmas morning! (I know, it’s not a DSLR, but come on, he’s seven years old! This WAY surpasses the camera I had at seven!) Even though I know he’ll understand what a special gift this is, and do his best taking care of it, I still have a few worries. After all, #thebigone’s a second grader- he can be a bit forgetful and distracted at times. Attaching a Tile to his camera will give me some peace of mind- I know we’ll have no trouble keeping track of his new camera now!

Tile-Bluetooth-Camera Tile-Christmas-Gift Tile-Camera

Learn more about Tile here, and find out how to you can pick some up for everyone on your gift list this year!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list? Tile can help you get give gifts people will truly love, and reduce your holiday stress by keeping track of everything important to you! #ad #TileIt #TogetherFind #ChristmasGifts #ChristmasShopping
What’s an item you have trouble keeping track of? Have you considered attaching a Tile to it? Let me know in the comments below!
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