Halloween I Spy- Spooky Seek And Find Books & Printable

Every October, my boys love hunting for Halloween decorations when we’re in the car or taking a walk through our neighborhood. This year, I’m having them do an entirely different – but equally fun – Halloween I spy activity! Keep reading to see my family’s favorite Halloween seek and find books. Then grab a printable Halloween hunt that your family can work on at home!

Have your kiddos test their seek and find skills with these fun and festive Halloween I Spy books. Then print out your own Halloween hunt and let the fun continue! #Halloween #Halloweenprintable #Halloweenactivities #HalloweenISpy #HalloweenSeekAndFind #SeekAndFind #ISpy
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I Spy A Pumpkin

This edition is not entirely Halloween themed. I had to include it in the list though, since it has pumpkin front and center. The riddles were written by Jean Marzollo. All of the photographs were taken by Walter Wick. The riddles in this edition include photo prompts. This is great for very early readers. They can still participate even without understanding the words.

Halloween I Spy- I Spy A Pumpkin Book Halloween I Spy- I Spy A Pumpkin Book

I Spy A Skeleton

Here’s another set of riddles and photographs from Marzollo and Wick. Like the pumpkin book, these photos are not entirely related to Halloween. There are more spooky pages in this edition than the pumpkin one though, so it’s a great choice for October. This edition also has the photo prompts, making it another great book for young readers.

Halloween I Spy- I Spy A Skeleton Book Halloween I Spy- I Spy A Skeleton Book Halloween I Spy- I Spy A Skeleton Book

I Spy Spooky Night

This third Halloween I spy book from Marzollo and Wick is the largest that we own. The photos are all related to spooky themes. The photographs in this edition are very detailed. Kids will easily find themselves drawn into the photos during their hunt. The riddles for this book are a bit more complex than in the smaller books. They do not include the photo prompts either. Children will either need to be able to read the text independently in order to solve the riddles, or work with an adult. My oldest definitely has some favorites in this book of Halloween I spy games. He finds the cemetery scene and the skeleton cloud extra creepy!

Halloween I Spy- I Spy Spooky Night Book Halloween I Spy- I Spy Spooky Night Book Halloween I Spy- I Spy Spooky Night Book Halloween I Spy- I Spy Spooky Night Book


I created a fun Halloween I spy page for my son to work on at home. (You can grab your own copy at the end of this post!). It’s a simple, quick activity to keep your kids engaged. Children will need a copy of the Halloween I spy page, and something to color with. To complete their seek and find, kids simply color the Halloween objects according to the color listed. Color words are key sight words for young readers, so the opportunity to read each of them is great practice. Even younger children will benefit from some ‘clues’ before they start. Use the appropriate color on each of the Halloween objects across the top. With hints, young kids will be able to work their way through the Halloween I spy page fairly independently.

Halloween I Spy- Seek And Find Books And Printable Halloween I Spy- Seek And Find Printable Halloween I Spy- Seek And Find Printable


Have your kiddos test their seek and find skills with these fun and festive Halloween I Spy books. Then print out your own Halloween hunt and let the fun continue! #Halloween #Halloweenprintable #Halloweenactivities #HalloweenISpy #HalloweenSeekAndFind #SeekAndFind #ISpy

What other sorts of Halloween games and puzzles do your kids like? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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  • Anna

    Love that you have the printables! Great resources!

    • Kate

      Thanks very much Anna!

  • Erin

    These are awesome and my kids would love them! Thank you so much for the recommendations!

    • Kate

      I hope your kids get a chance to enjoy them. Thanks Erin!

  • jmusselman8

    Love those ISpy books but haven’t seen the Halloween version. What a fun printable!

    • Kate

      We’re big fans of the whole I Spy series here as well. Thanks!

  • Nadina

    How fun!!! I canโ€™t wait to be able to do things like this with my little guy!!!

    • Kate

      Hope you enjoy it Nadina!

  • iambradthompson

    As a kid I spy and Where’s waldo was my life, this brings back memories!

    • Kate

      I always loved them too!

  • Monica

    I love this!! My daughter would love it too!! Thank you so much for the printable (:

    • Kate

      Thanks so much, Monica!

    • Kate

      Thank you Christina!

  • Michelle Olthuis

    Olivia loves these type of books- I need this

    • Kate

      Hope you and Olivia have fun with it!

  • Rose

    My kids love I Spy books. We do have a Christmas edition but will have to look for the Halloween one. The printable is great for a jumpstart into the book.

    • Kate

      We have some for a whole bunch of holidays… They’re timeless for sure!

  • crazylifewithlittles

    this book looks like a lot of fun!! my daughter would love finding and coloring

    • Kate

      I hope she enjoys it!

  • MissJess

    I absolutely love the ispy books! What a great idea for Halloween. Just seeing the pictures both shoots me back to my childhood and gets me excited for the holiday’s. Thanks for sharing. This a great idea for the kids!

    • Kate

      Thanks so much for checking out the post!

  • stayathomescience

    Great printable! My son is obsessed with ghosts and skeletons lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kate

      Thank you! My toddler is currently obsessed with ghosts and black cats, and my oldest loves zombies, haha.

  • blogthirtyminusone

    I love this, I am always on the hun for fun activities like this printable.

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    Wow, it sounds an awesome books and my son would surely enjoy this. Glad you share

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      Thank you very much, Angela.

    • Kate

      I hope he has a ton of fun coloring the page!

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    This looks like so much fun. What a great way to use all the decorations that are out this time of year.

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    Awe i love this! Its something my kids would love to do!


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      Thank you, Lisa!

  • Leigh-Ann Otto

    These look really epic! I have been looking for Halloween themed books and these are perfect. Thank you!

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      Glad I could help, Leigh-Ann!

  • esperanzascottogmailcom

    What a fun book! It looks great for kids ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kate

      They’re great choices for Halloween. Thanks for checking it out!

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    My son loves I spy books and Halloween! I need to get this for him!

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    Omg how cute! My kids would love this!

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      Thanks so much Claire! Hope they have fun with it!

  • Sarah

    I didn’t realize there was a spookie I Spy! How fun!!

    • Kate

      Oh, yes, there’s several of them Sarah! They have I Spy for everything now!

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