4 Tips For Managing Mealtime Madness

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Red Baron® pizza. The opinions and text are all mine.

#Thebigone joined Cub Scouts last year, and he’s had so much fun earning patches with his pack. I’ve gotta say, it would be awesome to earn patches for all of my mommy accomplishments! Especially on those busy nights when we’re scrambling to make dinner before running out to one of the kid’s activities. Red Baron® Pizza has recently introduced the Baroness, and I love the patches she earns. She’s seriously the Ultimate #WingMama! Today, I’m sharing 4 simple tips to help you channel your inner Baroness while managing mealtime. Maybe you’ll even earn some of her patches for your mommy accomplishments!

Dinner time can be crazy at my house, especially after a busy day of school and work. [ad] Check out my 4 top tips for managing meal time madness. Be sure to grab your printable pizza night placemat to keep your kiddos busy while you're getting your Red Baron® Pizza in the oven! #WingMama #pizzanight #pizzaparty #weeknightmeals


There’s no reason mom has to get dinner on the table all by herself every night! Make your evening load a little lighter by enlisting help from your family. My hubs is not a great cook by any means, but he can definitely successfully pop a Red Baron® pizza into the oven for me. Kids can contribute to mealtime by setting or clearing the table, or mixing a salad. There’s no shame in asking for a little help, so go ahead and delegate when you need to. Anything to make managing mealtime a little easier! 

Managing Meals With Red Baron- Kids Help

Earn It:

Managing Meals With Red Baron- The Baroness Patch- Ask Your Dad

Ask Your Dad: Mom can’t be in charge of everything all the time, so ask your dad. ‘Nuff said!


Managing Meals With Red Baron- Pizza Night

Sometimes, you just have to know your limits. Every night isn’t going to be the right night for a multi-course meal. I know mom guilt is running rampant these days, but in my opinion, there’s no shame in preparing meals that keep your stress low. I love the convenience of grabbing a few Red Baron® pizzas from the freezer aisle on one of my frequent Target runs, and keeping them in the freezer. They’re the perfect solution to make managing mealtimes easier. 

Managing Meals With Red Baron- Family Dinner

When I’m choosing simpler meals to prepare, I always try to keep in mind what my kids will eat. After a busy day, the last thing I want to deal with is stress over picky eaters refusing meals. Luckily, Red Baron® pizza comes in several varieties, so I can make sure everyone is happy and fed. #Thebigone loves any Red Baron® Classic Crust pizza with meat on top, while #thelittleone is a fan of Red Baron® Thin & Crispy pizza with cheese. My husband is the least picky eater I know, so he’ll gladly eat any pizza, but Red Baron® Brick Oven pizza is definitely his favorite. 

Earn it:

Managing Meals With Red Baron- The Baroness Patch- Nailed It

Nailed It: Family ate every bite of dinner? A day to remember, for sure.


Setting the table with paper plates or plastic silverware is a great way to cut some of your evening stress. This is something we only do on particularly busy nights, like when we need to rush #thebigone to scouts or the library. It’s a small change that really makes such a difference in the amount of mealtime work you have to do.

Managing Meals With Red Baron- Easy Clean Up

Earn It:

Managing Meals With Red Baron- The Baroness Patch- Whatever Works

Whatever Works: ‘Cause some days, you just have to do what works for your family, paper plates and all!


One of my major challenges in managing mealtime is dealing with my kiddos. Especially after a busy day at school and daycare, when they have so much to tell me with energy to burn. It’s nearly impossible for me to prepare a meal with a clingy toddler in my arms though, so I’ve had to come up with some quiet solutions for them.

Managing Meals With Red Baron- Pizza Night Printable

I created this fun pizza night printable so my kids can sit at the table while I’m working on pulling dinner together. They can still talk with me about their day, but I’m able to move freely and use both hands. The printable is perfect for giving my boys a chance to be creative before dinner, and such a simple way to keep them busy without relying on a screen. As a bonus, it’s created to be used over and over again, so I can pull it out as often as I need to.

Managing Meals With Red Baron- Pizza Night Printable

Be sure to scroll down to grab your own pizza night printable. After it’s printed, be sure to laminate it, or sandwich it between contact papers. This makes it more sturdy and reusable. Kids can create their own custom topped pizza while you cook. My boys enjoy using dry erase markers to draw right on the mat. It’s simple to wipe clean and start over as many times as they want. Some evenings, when I’m feeling extra brave and patient, I let them sculpt their pizza toppings with play dough. The pizza night printable pulls double duty as a placemat as well, so you can wipe it down when you’re ready to serve dinner.

Managing Meals With Red Baron- Pizza Night Printable

Earn It:

Managing Meals With Red Baron- The Baroness Patch- Mothers Slay

Mothers Slay: Your kids are happily engaged in a creative activity and you’ve got dinner in the oven. You’ve got this under control, mama!


Channel The Baroness within you, and try your luck at this limited time game. The Baroness Instant Scratch & Win Game hosted by Red Baron® is your chance to win some great eGiftcards! It won’t be around forever, so be sure to play today!

Do You Have Any Tips For Managing Mealtime Madness In Your Home? Share Them In The Comments Below!



  • Angela Amores

    I love this. It will definitely get me out of one of the zillion crazy nights with my kiddos. The pizza looks delicious by the way.

    • Kate

      It was SO good! Definitely planning another pizza night for sometime this week as well!

  • Isabelle

    Ah this is really helpful! I particularly love the idea of keeping cleanup quick and simple. When I cook I try my best to wash up as I go, so I’m not left with stacks to deal with after eating!

    • Kate

      My husband always does our dishes, so I’m sure he’d appreciate if I adopted a similar policy when I make dinner, haha!

  • jhilmil

    That was interesting, I ask for lots of help from my kid, like giving me things from the refrigerator, cleaning the table, putting things on it and all those small helps and that pleases me.

    • Kate

      So nice that your kids are great helpers!

  • Jasmine Hewitt

    i agree-sometimes, you just gotta do what works for the moment! pizza, paper plates, and happy kids!

    • Kate

      Exactly! Glad I’m not the only one!

  • jmusselman8

    I agree that there is no shame in having easy weeknight meals! Love the printable!
    Jaclyn @coffeepancakesanddreams

    • Kate

      Thanks very much Jaclyn!

  • Ashley Dorough

    I love all of these tips!!! Mealtime is such a madness.

    • Kate

      Thanks Ashley- it’s definitely a crazy time of day at our house!

  • Gabrielle Hunter

    Red Baron pizzas are my favorite grocery store pizza brands. So yummy!

    • Kate

      I agree- they’re so tasty!

  • Priyadarshini Rajendran

    Awesome tips. I am definitely still learning, would love to learn more tips.

    • Kate

      I hope some of the tips are helpful for you!

  • Suanlian Tangpua

    Great Tips! I love the idea of keeping cleanup quick. Thanks for the share.

    • Kate

      Thanks so much!

  • Emily Bogner

    It looks like your son is a great helper! My littles are great helpers sometimes too!

    • Kate

      My oldest is… My youngest, not so much yet!

  • esperanzascottogmailcom

    I think it’s a great idea to get the whole family to help with meal time!

    • Kate

      Getting everyone involved definitely helps make things run smoother!

  • Patricia G.

    The colorable placemats and the pizzas are a great way to engage the kids when you all are busy! I am glad that you found creativity and joy in the busyness of life!

    • Kate

      Thanks so much Patricia!

  • shfleming1984

    I love the idea of involving the older ones in meal prep! It may take a bit longer but it teaches them about healthy eating and responsibility. The pizza printable is genius!

    • Kate

      Thank you so much!

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