Simple Evening Steps For Easier Back To School Mornings

Our family has been settling into our back to school morning routine for the last few weeks. The first few days are always the roughest for us. Through some trial and error over the past few years, I’ve found some great ways to spend some time each evening preparing to make our mornings run smoother. Today, I’m sharing the three prep ideas that have had the greatest impact on our morning routines. Read on to see how we make it work, and be sure to check out the super yummy breakfast I love throwing together for my boys.

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Adjusting to a new year’s back to school routine can be challenging! I’m sharing a few of the #TriedAndTruMoo ways I’ve found to prepare for a busy morning the night before. #ad #BackToSchool #TruMoo #BackToSchoolHacks #MomHacks #newschoolyear


Make Wardrobe Decisions

Since #thebigone was very young, I’ve helped him set up his wardrobe each week. When he was very young and his clothes were tiny, we used 5 shoe box size plastic containers. He and I would add a pair of socks, some underwear, pants, and a shirt to each box. Each morning before preschool, #thebigone could grab a box and get started dressing himself. Now that he’s older, his clothes don’t fit well into those little boxes, so we’ve handed them down to #thelittleone. I now use a hanging organizer in #thebigone’s closet, where I add a complete outfit in each storage space. This really cuts down on confusion and craziness during those back to school mornings when you’re still getting into a routine.

Evening Prep For Easier Mornings- Plan Clothes Evening Prep For Easier Back To School Mornings Evening Prep For Easier Back To School Mornings

Pack Your Bags

I always fall asleep a little easier when I know the bags are packed for the next morning. #thebigone and I review what he needs to have in his bag. I take care of #thelittleone’s daycare backpack. We leave them both on a rack in the front entry of our house, with the boys’ shoes and jackets. If I have a class or work event I need to attend one morning, I’ll be careful to pack my bags the night before as well. Every night before he heads to bed, my husband packs up his laptop bag and places it directly in front of our front door. My family may be rushing around trying to get our back to school act together, but at least we know we can grab our bags and have what we need.

Evening Prep For Easier Mornings- Pack Bags Evening Prep For Easier Mornings- Pack Bags Evening Prep For Easier Back To School Mornings

Put Together a Filling Breakfast

Full disclosure, guys- I am so not a morning person. Or a great cook… So breakfast at my house can be a little iffy somedays! Throw trying to adjust to a new back to school routine into the mix, and we definitely rely on toast more than we should! The last thing I want is to send my kids off for the day with empty bellies. No one’s day goes well when they start it hungry! Luckily, it’s been a lifesaver to discover overnight oats recently. I can prepare several containers of oatmeal for my family in the evening, and we wake up to a tasty breakfast!

Evening Prep For Easier Mornings- TruMoo Overnight Oats

My family’s favorite variety of overnights is definitely the Very Berry Overnight Oats I put together using TruMoo Strawberry Milk. It’s made from milk that is free from artificial growth hormones, and made with non-GMO ingredients. TruMoo Strawberry Milk is a great source of calcium as well, so I know my boys are getting what their bodies need. My picky kiddos love the flavor, so I’m able to avoid mealtime battles. No one has time for that sort of nonsense during the busy back to school season!

Evening Prep For Easier Mornings- TruMoo Overnight Oats

Make Your Own TruMoo Very Berry Overnight Oats

Makes 1 serving. Adjust accordingly if you’d like to make a larger batch for your family. 

  • Old fashioned oats- 1/2 cup
  • TruMoo Strawberry Milk– 1/2 cup
  • Assorted fresh berries- 1/2 cup
  • Optional mix-ins.
    • Some of our favorites: mini chocolate chips, chia seeds, ground flax, and coconut flakes.

Evening Prep For Easier Mornings- TruMoo Overnight Oats

To Make: 

Add oats, TruMoo Strawberry Milk, and berries to a container with a lid. (We typically use glass jars.) Mix well to combine ingredients. Add any optional extras- this is the perfect opportunity for each family member to customize their oatmeal. Store in refrigerator overnight and enjoy at breakfast. Very Berry Overnight Oats can be enjoyed warm or cold.

Evening Prep For Easier Mornings- TruMoo Overnight Oats Evening Prep For Easier Mornings- TruMoo Overnight Oats


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How do you help your family keep back to school mornings on track? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below!

Adjusting to a new year’s back to school routine can be challenging! I’m sharing a few of the #TriedAndTruMoo ways I’ve found to prepare for a busy morning the night before. #ad #BackToSchool #TruMoo #BackToSchoolHacks #MomHacks #newschoolyear





  • Amanda Ripsam

    The trick with our family is I have a special needs child who has some major issues sleeping at night she is 10 years old we started a new night time routine and when she sleep soundly all night the mornings out the door go a lot smoother. I also love sending my daughter off to school with a healthy breakfast the breakfast at school is like a second snack to her and she likes doing that so she has something to look forward to in the Am both at home and at school. We are also working on routines here and struggled but we mostly make it out the door earlier giving enough time also helps

    • Kate

      So glad you’ve been able to find what works for your family Amanda!

  • Kay

    I really love overnight oats. such a simple and filling breakfast!

    • Kate

      I love how quick they are to throw together, and so easy to customize to everyone’s tastes as well!

  • Ashley Peavey

    Looks like you guys have the morning routine down!!

    • Kate

      We’re trying, Ashley! Full disclosure, we almost missed the bus this morning, so definitely not totally on top of it yet!

  • Cait Weingartner

    These are great ideas for taking the stress out of busy mornings! Preparation and a little organization can make all the difference in the world! Thanks for sharing these great tips.

    • Kate

      Thanks very much for checking it out Cait!

  • This Mum At Home

    These are great ideas! Im always looking for more ideas to simplify my life. I always put out clothes (uniform) for the next school day … Im thinking the containers are great for weekend and school holidays!

    • Kate

      Uniforms probably makes mornings much easier- at least the getting dressed post!

  • Kim S

    i love your idea of packing their clothes in advance! And now i want strawberry milk!!

    • Kate

      You’ve gotta go get some Strawberry TruMoo! It’s delicious!

  • val

    Need to try this strawberry milk for my kiddos!

    • Kate

      It’s super good- my boys are obsessed!

  • Taylor411

    These are such great tips. I need to get my kids this strawberry milk. They would love it!

    • Kate

      Thanks Stacy! I hope you guys pick some up soon!

  • Natalie Aubele

    Ooh this sounds so good ! I never thought to use berry milk in overnight oats !

    • Kate

      It adds some flavor without you having to add a ton of extra ingredients- so simple, which is why we love it!

  • Katie Braswell

    I’m a parent of a kindergartner! These are great ideas to help me ease into this new routine! Especially since sleep is so dear to me! 🙂 Smart Ideas Momma!!! Thank you!

    • Kate

      Oh, I know how it is… Enjoy every moment of sleep you can get, Mama!

  • Sweet Coralice

    I love that idea of using shoe boxes to prepare school outfits for the week! It’s something I would’ve definitely used (had I known) when my kiddos were little, lol. That breakfast is a perfect morning start in my book 😉 – Cori

    • Kate

      We found the shoe boxes super helpful- definitely made a big difference in our mornings!

  • livewellplaytogether

    It is so helpful to prepare the night before! It really does help make things go more smoothly!

    • Kate

      I completely agree with you!

  • projectlifewellness

    My son loves Trumoo! I love the healthy breakfast idea. Totally going to try it!

    • Kate

      Thanks so much- hope you guys love the oatmeal as much as we do!

  • Jenn JG

    Great tips and steps! Mornings are rough in my house with two girls! Anything that can make mornings run a little easier is worth a try! Thanks for sharing

    • Kate

      Hope they help at your house Jenn! Thanks!

  • Rose

    The bags are ready but I’m a morning person. We make lunch every morning and I make a monthly breakfast menu. Twice a week it’s something hot and cereal the rest of the days. I like this strawberry milk ingredient and can’t imagine how tasty this oatmeal must be. My kids all like oatmeal so I need to try this!

    • Kate

      I wish I was a morning person like you- things would be easier around my house in the mornings then! The strawberry milk is so yummy, be sure to give it a try!

  • blogthirtyminusone

    I am all about making the mornings as smooth as possible. Organizing breakfast and lunch the night before and an outfit are all must in our home.

    • Kate

      Definitely simple steps that have a big impact on the morning rush!

    • Kate

      Thanks for sharing, Tanvi!

  • musicteachermentor

    I love the shoebox idea too! I also love the mix ins you use for your overnight oats. I’m going to give them a try.

    • Kate

      Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

  • Claire

    Such good tips!!! I need to put them into action!

    • Kate

      Hope they’re helpful for you, Claire! Thanks!

  • Bakeca Incontri Milano

    I like to prep everything the evening before just like you. This way the coffee is ready when I’m awake, the clothes are waiting for us to wear them and nobody is late 😉

    • Kate

      Preparing ahead of time definitely saves so much stress in the morning.

  • So, I'm a Mom Now...

    I haven’t tried overnight oatmeal yet. But that looks so yummy. Maybe I need to try it.

    • Kate

      It’s really tasty and SO simple & convenient!

  • lucicoo

    Delicious. I’ve haven’t had oatmeal in a while for breakfast and I have heard of doing overnight oatmeal. Adding strawberry flavored milk instead of regular is a really nice twist.

    • Kate

      I love keeping the ingredients minimal, so the strawberry milk adds some yummy flavor in a simple way!

  • Alexandra Mills

    I’m so not a morning person either! I love your bin idea for clothes. The breakfast looks amazing.

    • Kate

      Thanks so much Alexandra- the oatmeal was very tasty!

  • Misty Nelson

    Very smart advice! We have such a hard time with mornings. I’m not a morning person and my son is so distracted and all over the place in the AM. Gonna put some of your ideas to use.

    • Kate

      I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped us, Misty!

  • howwedo208

    Great ideas! The more prep I do ahead of time, the smoother the morning goes. It’s so helpful to be organized!

    • Kate

      I completely agree with you!

  • Lindsey

    I loved this milk when I was a kid!!

    • Kate

      I never had it as a child, but I now know I was missing out!

  • makeamomsmile

    This looks delicious! Mornings are always such a rush in my house with the kids. I need to give this simple recipe a try to save some time!

    • Kate

      Hope you enjoy it!

  • The Happy Mum SA

    My kids are yet to go to school but my mornings are still a mess. I have decided to get into a routine that will hopefully make things easier to get into things as they grow. This is a great post with great tips.

    • Kate

      I hope you find a routine that works well for your family!

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