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Learning to swim with SwimWays this summer! | #SwimWays #IC (ad) | Pooltime | Early Swimmers | Power Swimr | Swim Sweater | Learning to swim with SwimWays this summer! | #SwimWays #IC (ad) | Pooltime | Early Swimmers | Power Swimr | Swim Sweater | Learning to swim with SwimWays this summer! | #SwimWays #IC (ad) | Pooltime | Early Swimmers | Power Swimr | Swim Sweater |

Summer is finally almost upon us, and with that comes one of my favorite summer activities. Swimming! My big kid LOVES to be in the water, but I have to be honest. Even after multiple rounds of swim lessons, and many years of beach vacations, #thebigone is still not a very strong swimmer. (#thelittleone is essentially a nervous wreck in the pool, but that’s a whole other story!). We were lucky enough to try out some great SwimWays products- and they seemed to be exactly what my boys needed!

Swimming with SwimWays Swimming with SwimWays

Summer has been slow to arrive in the area where we live, so we weren’t able to hit any outdoor pools- yet! My sister-in-law’s recent wedding out of town provided us with the perfect opportunity to take the boys on a little mini-vacation. (And bonus- it coincided with National Learn To Swim Day on May 20th. Seriously, the universe had my back on that one!) What kid doesn’t love staying in a hotel?! I made sure to choose a hotel with a pool, and we took full advantage of that amenity during our stay.

SwimWays Swim Step 3 Power Swimr

As I mentioned above, #thebigone has had many rounds of swim lessons with very minimal success. The classes generally relied on a ‘bubble’ to help the children stay afloat. The ‘bubbles’ supplied by our local pool buckle around the chest with a single strap. Without fail, every class, #thebigone’s bubble would ride way up to his neck. It didn’t matter how carefully I tightened or adjusted his buckle, it just never stayed put. How can a new swimmer feel confident and secure in the water when he can’t comfortably wear his swim aid? (Not to mention, who can concentrate on swimming with foam around their neck?!)

SwimWays Step 3 Power Swimr
Swimming with SwimWays Power Swimr

We immediately noticed how different the design of the Swim Step 3 Power Swimr is. It has floats on both the front and back, which really helped #thebigone feel more supported in the water. The adjustable cord and support strap really made sure that the Power Swimr was on safely and correctly. We had no worries about it riding up or falling off, which allowed my son to focus on just swimming. The Power Swimr is unique in how adjustable of an aid it is. There are 9 removable floats, so your child can gradually rely less on the aid as they become a strong swimmer. It’s great for kids like mine, who find big changes a little nerve-wracking. A slow transition to independent swimming is exactly what #thebigone needs.

Swimming with SwimWays Power Swimr

After a very short time wearing the Power Swimr, #thebigone was feeling safe and brave enough to push off the wall of the pool. This may not seem like a big deal to many, but trust me, for my kid it’s huge! After swimming with his Power Swimr a few times, he was becoming increasingly confident in his skills. My oldest was so psyched to challenge his stepdad and I to a game of tag in the water. He loved being able to move around the pool independently. I know with some more time in the Power Swimr, he’ll be ready to remove some of the adjustable floats, and begin his transition to swimming without an aid. One of his classmates is having a swim birthday party this weekend, and he’s thrilled to be able to attend without worrying too much about how he’ll keep up with his friends.

Swimming with SwimWays Power Swimr

SwimWays Swim Step Two Swim Sweater

This was actually #thelittleone’s first time in a big pool. A few months ago, our bath-loving-toddler suddenly began screaming bloody murder at bath time. As a result I was a bit nervous about putting him in the pool. We loved the design of the Swim Sweater for him. It felt sturdy and reliable, different from other swim aids I’ve seen for young toddlers. It has a thick inner tube built in, instead of just a plastic inflatable, so it really helped him float. As an added benefit, the tube gave my nervous little one something to hold on to. An extra sense of security is always a good thing! Although we haven’t been able to swim in the sunshine yet, the Swim Sweater sleeves that add some extra sun protection- a feature this mama loves!

SwimWays Step 2 Swim Sweater Swimming with SwimWays Swim Sweater

I’m really looking forward to seeing how much further both of my boys progress as swimmers this summer with the help of SwimWays Power Swimr and Swim Sweater. I know their skills and confidence will grow through using these great swim aids!

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