Quick and Cute DIY Gift, Perfect for Teachers!

I can’t speak for everyone else, but over the last few days, my social media feeds have suddenly been flooded with posts promising nothing but the best Christmas gifts for teachers. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, and the kids are counting down the days until winter break, I have to admit that shopping for #thebigone’s teacher is one thing I had hoped to cross off my to-do list as early as possible. I sat down the other night and put together a gift I hope she’s going to like, and wanted to share it, in case anyone else is heading out this weekend with holiday shopping lists in hand!

 Free printable coffee mug wraps
Ok, let’s be honest here… Pretty sure my kid’s the reason you need caffeine. So, next cup’s on us. Happy Holidays!

I volunteer at #thebigone’s school one or two mornings a month, helping with literacy activities as the kids rotate through centers. I’m not there long, never more than 2 hours at a time, but oh my goodness, do I ever need another cup of coffee after I say goodbye to all those first graders. [This is not an exaggeration. I leave #thelittleone# with my mom whenever I volunteer, and every single time I walk out the door I ask, “Do I have enough time to go grab a coffee after?” Thankfully, she always says yes.] Those kiddos can TALK. They’ve got stories on every topic, and they are not shy about sharing them with whatever parent happens to be sitting at the writing table that day. After trying to keep them on task and listening to lots of tales, caffeine is definitely a necessity for me… And it made me wonder ‘Wow, just how much coffee does Mrs. H drink every day?!’

And so my latest printable came to be… I mean, #thebigone is at least half the reason I need caffeine, so I am sure he contributes to that need in others as well.

pink printable gift for teacher
pink printable teacher gift pink holiday gift for teacher

Although I intend to give these gifts for the winter holidays this year, I didn’t want them to be too Christmassy- I’m not positive what sort of religious affiliations the bus driver has, for example, so I decided to keep the theme pretty neutral. If your child has a scout leader, teacher, babysitter, coach, physical therapist, tutor, or any other caregiver who gets by with a little help from tea or coffee, this is a great choice for them.

 blue printable teacher christmas gift

The presents come together super quickly, and require almost nothing in terms of art supplies, making them perfect for last minute mamas (a.k.a. myself 99% of the time).

pastel printable coffee cup wrap

Grab some reusable coffee cups- I chose Starbucks ones because they were inexpensive and simple, but any kind is fine, as long as they do not have handles. I printed my downloadable coffee cup wraps and chose some decorative scrapbook paper for the lower layer of the cup wrap. (Pretty fabrics, colored construction paper, etc. would also work great for the lower layer, so don’t feel like you need to run out just for this!) I used the printable template to trace and cut out the lower  layer, and then used some scrapbook adhesive to secure both the lower & top wraps around the mugs. I threw some shredded gift filler into the cups, added a gift card for the coffee shop, and secured some tags as well, that #thebigone will sign his name on.

blue coffee teacher gift pastel teacher coffee gift
three diy coffee cups

As we head into one of the busiest months of the year, I’m relieved to have our gifts for #thebigone’s teacher & busdriver, as well as #thelittleone’s physical therapist completely ready to go. Grab your free printables below and cross a few things off your holiday to-do list this weekend!

blue tone coffee wrap warm tone coffee wrap pastel tone coffee wrap template for base wrap

What are your go-to gift ideas for sitters, teachers, coaches, and the many other adults who help enrich your kids lives? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Do you think your son or daughter just might be the reason their teacher needs a little caffeine pick me up at times? Grab the free printables to put together a simple, sweet gift perfect for teachers, coaches, bus drivers, and more.

If you’ve still got more tasks to tackle before winter break, find some inspiration right here!
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  • Helen

    What a cute and creative idea. Teachers would love this!

    • Kate

      Thanks so much Helen… I hope my son’s teacher does- I’ll know in a few weeks, haha.

  • Ayanna

    These are so cute! My go to is usually gift cards, but I may have to switch up this year with these. 😉

    • Kate

      I really appreciate you coming to take a look at them Ayanna! Thanks, and have a great weekend!

  • Latasha | Arts and Budgets

    These are so awesomeee & Super creative! Definitely a perfect gift for a teacher!: )

    • Kate

      Thanks very much, Latasha!

    • Kate

      I’m so glad to hear they’re a good option for gifts for teachers! Thanks for your feedback Vicki!

  • Savannah

    I LOVE DIY gifts so so much, and these are absolutely adorable! What a perfect gift for the teachers in our lives! Thanks so much for sharing <3

    • Kate

      I’m so happy you like you them Savannah! Thanks for your feedback.

  • Rebecca Hicks

    Teaching is my full time job, and I know I would personally LOVE this gift. I drink about 3-4 cups of coffee a day, and being able to treat myself at Starbucks every once in a while is the best. Maybe I should share this with some of my parents. 😉

    • Kate

      Hahaha, just send them my way, Rebecca- I’ll make sure they take good care of you this year! Thanks for checking them out. 🙂

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