Read & Create: Memoirs of an Elf

We’re big fans of seasonal & holiday books at our house- we have so many books in the kids’ home library that I’m always happy to have a collection of books that we rotate in & out throughout the year. (Honestly, we’d run out of room on their shelves if I wasn’t able to pack some away 11 months out of the year!) Only bringing them out when the holiday is approaching also helps the books keep some of their ‘magic’, and gives us some old favorites to look forward to re-reading as we start feeling festive.

memoirs of an elf book and craftelf taking an elfie
“But first… Let me take an elfie!”

This year, one of the books we were thrilled to pull out again is Memoirs of an Elf, written by Devin Scillian and illustrated by Tim Bowers. The book was new to us last December, and #thebigone enjoyed it many times that month before we packed up our Christmas books for the year. As a boy who loves most things technology, the idea of Santa’s elves snapping ‘elfies’ with cell phones delighted him. The illustrations are playful- expressive, impish faces on the elves, bright color choices nearly filling pages, and a few scenes that switch up the perspective quite a bit to keep the book interesting & engaging for the reader.

coloring elf hat coloring cell phone drawing elf face

After reading this favorite again this year, we thought & talked about how fun it would be to ride on Santa’s sleigh, and use our cell phones to snap some selfies. Using the free printable illustration I created to accompany the book, #thebigone took some time to draw how he’d look as an elf… And honestly, I’m not gonna lie. My kid said he would be an ‘attack elf’ [no real clarification on what he’d attack- I’m hoping Grinches, Scrooges, & the like], and his elf-grin is kind of the stuff of nightmares. But hey, kids will be kids, and at least he’s using his imagination… Right?!

boy drawng elf face overhead of elf workspace coloring elf ears

What would your kids look like as one of Santa’s helpers? Grab your printable to find out!
memoirs of an elf printable

Read 'Memoirs of an Elf' with your child, and use the free printable to create your own 'elfie'!

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