20 of our Elf on the Shelf’s Antics From Years Past

We introduced the Elf on the Shelf to #thebigone when he was about 2 1/2 years old. I left the box with the book & elf on our front porch, rang the doorbell, and ran! #thebigone ran to the front door & peered out the side-light windows to see who was there. I asked “Who’s out there?” He turned to me, and asked “Pizza?” [Because when you’re two, the pizza delivery guy is kinda the best.]

And so began our adventures with Pizza the Elf. He’s had many adventures over the last few years, although that first year, he really didn’t do much besides sit on shelves and lamps and things. We’ve had a lot of fun gathering inspiration for his antics from so many other families on Pinterest, as well as brainstorming a few of our very own along the way, so I thought I’d share some of Pizza’s shenanigans with you…

And just in time, since I know many family’s elves arrive on Thanksgiving! (Ours doesn’t come until 12/1, because I can only deal with so much Elf fun each season! If your elf arrives early, you’ve got way more Christmas spirit than I do!)

*All pictures are my own. Since they are a mix of several years, image quality varies as my cell phone camera was upgraded over time!*

elf on shelf in snow globe

We woke up one morning, and that elf was stuck in a giant snow globe!

elf on the shelf with candy

You should never leave leftover Halloween goodies around when the elf is due to arrive…

elf on the shelf with play doh snowman

No snow? No problem! One night our clever elf made a snowman with play dough instead!

elf on the shelf with peppermint stick book

We love Kevin Henkes books at our house… The elf even ‘personalized’ this copy just for #thebigone!

elf on the shelf with mustache

I mustache you not to touch the elf!

elf on the shelf drives sleigh

Sometimes even elves want to go on a little joyride!

elf on the shelf peekaboo with toilet paper

Those nearly empty toilet paper rolls are multipurpose- camouflage for hide and seek, AND a fashion-forward hat!

elf on the shelf dry erase on windows

It’s always exciting to wake up and find your elf has done some decorating on your windows with dry erase markers!

elf on the shelf angry bird hat

When your grandpa gives the family matching Angry Bird hats one winter, it’s important to be sure your elf doesn’t feel left out. Adorable hat via Doris Dresses Dolls.

elf on the shelf saves christmas from grinch

Pizza the elf is always working to keep Christmas spirit safe from the bad guys!

elf on the shelf easter bunny

Our elf either got confused, or was having an identity crisis… Just call him Easter Elf.

elf on shelf with coloring book

Sometimes you just need a creative outlet to manage the stress of the holiday season.

elf on the shelf reindeer antlers

Take an umbrella, it looks like reindeer. (Bahaha, bad puns are my favorite!)

elf on the shelf finger puppets

Pizza is holding some cheap finger puppets with the help of a few bent pipe cleaners… Especially great for kiddos working with speech therapy- lots of opportunities for practice with these guys.

elf on the shelf flying balloons

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease… Helpful hint, 12 balloons is the bare minimum to successfully fly an elf- and even then, it’s a close call. When it doubt, get more balloons!

elf on the shelf spiderman

SpiderElf is swinging by to catch some bad guys with friends!

hanging around upside down elf on the shelf

Cause when Mama isn’t feeling inspired, sometimes the elf is just gonna hang upside down for a bit.

elf on the shelf popsicle stick frame

#thebigone was very busy one day making popsicle stick picture frames… He woke up to find that Pizza had made one too!

elf on the shelf reindeer antlers

#thebigone and Pizza were very clearly twinning as reindeers one morning. #thebigone’s was a clearance purchase at the grocery store; Pizza’s is made of construction paper and sequins.

elf on the shelf diy stocking

Before #thebigone started kindergarten, Pizza would often show up with a craft or project the mornings we didn’t have preschool or other plans. Coincidence, or just a clever elf?!

Pinterest is a hotbed of Elf on the Shelf ideas! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

20 Fun Ideas from our Elf on the Shelf! Variety of ideas, some very quick to set up.

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